Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Assignment 08 Marketing - previous order # 1084722 addition Essay

Assignment 08 Marketing - previous order # 1084722 addition - Essay Example All of us are consume products because of the needs we have to satisfy. Whatever they are, whether it is motivated by a need or a want, all of us allocate a certain amount of our money to the purchase of products where the end goal is to satisfy a need or want, which can be satisfied only if the product comes with the functionality that can meet the needs of the consumer. Thus, functionality of a product is an essential element to satisfy the needs of the consumer and its absence the product becomes useless for the buyer. This becomes evident from the behavior of the consumers where they would immediately ask for a replacement or product service for any damaged or defective produce they have just bought. With this said, functionality is the end all and be all. Though a form of products would attract people to buy unnecessary things while shopping, out of pure whim, this mainly applies only to impulsive buyers. Furthermore, a product with mere form that lacks in functionality can end up in a sale but not such items may not be able to forge a sustainable relationship with the consumers or command brand loyalty (Form Vs Function: Design, Emotion and Profitability, n.d.). When customers are not satisfied with a product’s functionality, they would definitely look for another brand that satisfies their needs in terms of its utility, and would not disappoint them due to the lack of proper functionality. However, I agree with the notion that the appearance of a product also has a significant role to play in their marketability. This is the reason why there are still products which lack functionality and yet they survive in the market because of the few consumers who put aesthetic considerations over functional considerations and may buy products merely on the grounds that they appeal to and satisfy their sense of aesthetics (Smashing

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