Friday, January 31, 2020

Change Theory Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Change Theory - Assignment Example Some of those steps include; unfreezing, refreezing and changing. Based on the nature of change that needs implementation, I believe it is an ideal theory, which can enable the changes to be effectively implemented. Thus, to ensure that the new technique of reporting is effectively implemented with positive results, I settled for a participative leadership style to steer the team to embrace the change in question efficiently. The reason why this leadership style stood out from the rest in ensuring the said changes are implemented is because it is involves the whole team thus denoting a democratic notion whereby each member feels his/her opinions are respected. This style requires all the team members to participate actively in decision making by airing out their views, before the final decision is communicate by the participative leader (Burke, 2010). Therefore, this will tend to boost the morale of the team members in ensuring the new changes are successfully fully implemented since they will be part of the decision-making body. In addition, the participants will develop a sense of contentment since they will view the democratic nature of this leadership style being ideal as each and every opinion that they propose will be considered hence forming a portion of the final decision that will be implemented. That notwithstanding the participative leadership style will ensure a positive response to changes by the team members as they will not reject those changes since they are part of the team that came up with the decisions thus it will be their obligation to embrace them since it is their own making. Thus, this having been said it is prudent to say that the changes will be positively implemented successfully since it will be a common initiative of the whole team rather than an individual’s making (Burke, 2010). The Kurt Lewin theory of change is ideal in implementing this

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